Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hot hot hot!

July 3rd we attended our second family Festival for the Eno in Durham. The girls aren't in to browsing the crafts or the music, but they really love the river. We did a lot of wading and swatting at fish, but weren't able to catch any. My camera went for a swim this time, so there's not any pictures post-river. Good news was that the old rice trick was able to save it.

In addition to the river, the girls did fish painting prints, got their faces painted, and checked out live turtles and snakes. Lily really liked an albino snake named Lila. They also liked watching the old mill where they had a checkers break. It was a stalemate.

By center stage the girls wrote on the art projects.

It was a lot warmer this year, so the girls were pretty much worn out by 1 pm. They had a hot dog for lunch and had their first Locopop (Madeleine had Mexican Chocolate and Lily had Apple Pie). Hopefully next year will be cooler or we'll be a little bit bigger and can try the canoe or kayak rentals.

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