Monday, July 11, 2011

Fourth Wash Out

We went down to Regency Park again this year for the fireworks. When you can sit in air conditioned comfort while having a picnic, how can you not? Above the girls are playing "Memory" while waiting in the atrium of 11000 Regency. We also made necklaces and watched half of Tangled before the huge thunderstorm hit.

So they postponed the fireworks, and we watched the movie while people cleared out and the rain stopped. We got home around 9 pm and watched the fireworks on PBS. We also did some sparklers out in the driveway, and the girls were just as impressed.

But there was one advantage of the Regency trip - the girls got to catch a little bit of their favorite magic man - Happy Dan.

They held the fireworks the next night, but we didn't go back. There was a chance of rain again, and they'd been up late the last two nights. No need to push our luck.

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