Thursday, October 21, 2010

A "fairly" good time

I forgot to charge my camera batteries (again), so all I have are cell phone pics. We took the girls to the NC State Fair this past Sunday for a whirlwind tour. We hadn't been on a weekend in the last 3 years, so the crowds were pretty solid by noon.

The girls went for their first ferris wheel ride. We had to convince Lily she would be fine. There was a good 20 minute wait, and I had to promise her that she could sit on my lap if she got scared and get her a balloon afterwards. We were in the first group to get on, so our first trip around was nice and slow. She got into it pretty quickly and decided she liked ferris wheels. They loved how far they could see (the water tower by our house).

We didn't see a lot of animals this time around and limited them to 5 rides. They also got to play 2 games: fishing and balloon darts. Madeleine was very upset that her darts didn't make it all the way to the board. They ended up in the tub of stuffed animals.

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