Monday, April 12, 2010

Here comes the bride

Well, we did it. Lily and Madeleine are now two seasoned flower girls. They came through the weekend with flying colors and hopefully love going to weddings as much as I do.

Friday night was the rehearsal at Bass Lake and rehearsal dinner at Bistro 64. They didn’t have a whole lot to do at the rehearsal, and since there were no chairs set up, they had only a vague notion of what an aisle was. We spent most of the time in the rocking chairs set out on the deck.

Dinner was great. They spent most of the time working on drawings and eating snacks out of the cooler I’d brought. Madeleine did order steak but didn’t eat anything but the fries. Lily got chicken fingers and had a few before turning her fries over to the gentleman across the table. Eric and I had the lobster ravioli.

Saturday afternoon Ms. Valerie came over to do our hair. It turned out great and stayed in place all day. The baby’s breath also was a good touch I think.

We got to Bass Lake just after 4 and did a few pre-wedding photos. The ceremony started promptly at 5. The girls kind of froze when it was their turn to go, so I stood up from my seat and waved them on down. Madeleine was very confident, but Lily bent her head down. She recovered and continued to drop petals. When Lily got to the end, she just dumped the rest out in a big clump.

They sat in seats in front of us and walked out behind the bride when the ceremony was over.

Then we did post-ceremony pictures. Luckily we took care of ones with us first so we could head to the reception. The girls snacked on apple sauce, cheese, and crackers while we sampled the hors d’ourves.

When the bride and groom arrived for their first dance, Lily and I went over to watch. She wanted a better view of the dance floor than the one our table provided. As soon as the bride and groom were done, I gave them clearance to hit the dance floor, and they were there much of the night. They danced with me, each other, and their stuffed bears we had brought from home.

We left a little after 9pm, and they fell asleep in the car on the way home. We just put pajamas on them and put them to bed. Lily cried for a little bit, and then she was out. I’m guessing they’ll ask me soon when the next wedding is.

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