Sunday, April 25, 2010

On the Fast Track

I signed up for the March of Dimes annual walk a while ago, but had actually been on the fence about going. It was the same day as the town Spring Daze festival this year, and the girls didn't seem too excited about the whole thing.

But with the weather in question, we decided to brave the "stroller walk." This year it was out at Imperial Center in RTP as opposed to the former Nortel campus. We got the girls their favorite March of Dimes t-shirts right away, but they only had kids' large. It will be a few years before they can wear them.

The girls got Tarheel tattoos from the NICU staff and made their own sun visors for the trip.

It was sort of unclear where the race started, so we waited a while by the balloon arch. Lots of people were already walking, so we started to follow. Of course after a while it became clear we'd started about 10 minutes early.
It ended up being a blessing in disguise. With some more space, the girls could get out of the stroller some and Madeleine enjoyed running some of the course. On the way back, we passed the pack, and it was so crowded they spanned the whole width of both lanes designated for the race.
On the way back, the girls got out of the stroller and we ran to the finish line together. Then they enjoyed popcorn, snow cones, and Rita's Italian Ice before we headed home.

Go "Team Double Hot" - what they wanted to name our team.

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