Sunday, March 28, 2010

Come Skate Away

We finally took the girls ice skating for the first time. People have been asking us since before they were born when we were going to do it, but I was wary. I didn't want them to fall, get cold, and hate it. Then it would take tons of convincing to get them back out on the ice.

So, since the weather was iffy today, we thought it was a perfect chance to give it a shot.

I was most nervous about the rentals. I was worried about getting the laces right (tight enough to support their ankles, but not tight enough to cut off circulation). Luckily, they had single buckle skates. It made everything a lot easier.

Out on the ice, it was slow going. Madeleine kept trying to move her feet constantly, and she was all over the place at first. But the end of the first lap, my back was killing me. But that lap took close to 15 minutes. After half an hour we took a break, and the girls had cookies. Eric and I took some warm-up laps, and then we went back out again.

This time Eric got the girls to stand up on their own. It made it a lot easier to sort of get them to stand and pull them around. Lily kept telling me she wanted to do it on her own. And by the end, they almost did a few times. We were probably there an hour an a half (with two Scooby Doo breaks in the snack bar), and I was so proud of them both.

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