Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snowed in

We had our first snowfall of 2010 this past weekend. The girls of course loved every minute of it.

It started Friday night at bed time. They gathered on Madeleine's bed to look out the window and watch the flakes come down. They woke up a full hour early Saturday morning because they were so excited about the snow.

We waited until almost 11 to go out because it continued to sleet all morning. We tried sledding in the street first, and it worked pretty good. A nice gradual incline. But not super-exciting. So we tried our neighbor Joy's yard. We made quite a track, and the girls would slam into the fence if someone wasn't there to catch them. Eric thought he'd pile up snow to slow them down, but that just made them airborne.

So then we tried the other neighbor's yard. That was much better, but the girls were getting cold. They had rain boots on, and the snow had come in over the top. We left our sleds with the neighbors and went in.

About 90 minutes later the doorbell rang. It was the neighbor kids' mom. One of the sleds had shattered. So, down to one sled.

We went out again in the afternoon in Joy's yard. The snow was still too powdery for a snowman.

Sunday was a different story. Even though it didn't get above freezing, the sun warmed it up enough to be packable. We were able to make the snowman below, although Madeleine refused to be photographed with it because she wasn't happy about the raisin smile.

We tried sledding again in Joy's yard. Then we heard the neighbors on the other side and went over there. We ended up being outside for close to two hours on Sunday.

Here you'll see Madeleine's bottom layer - a 3T onesie I'd bought when they were infants. They'd gotten snow on their bellies Saturday, and this was our best option to prevent it.

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