Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow - Part 2

We're lucky if we get snow here once a year, much less twice in the same month. So it was a bit of a surprise when we looked out the window Saturday morning to see about 4" on the ground. I went out the side door to get the paper and found two packages covered in snow by the door. One was a package of Valentines goodies from Aunt Robin. The other was from Aunt Marcia. Very squishy, I assumed it was some kind of stuffed animal.

But no - it was the perfect gift for a snowy Saturday in February. Snow pants! She'd seen the blog post about the girls not liking sledding because they got snow on their tummies and came to the rescue. They're not exactly easy to find around here, and you hate to spend a lot of money on them if they grow out of them before they ever get a chance to use them. But she found some nice ones, and they're big enough we should have them for at least a couple more years.
We didn't go right out and play since we had ballet class in the morning, but just after lunch the sun started peeking out from the clouds. I figured we'd better get out there before it all melted.
Unlike the last snow, this was perfect packing snow. So we set out to make a snow woman. Back at Halloween, we'd decorated a pumpkin and put a blonde wig on it to look like the girls' teacher Ms. Rebecca. So for our snow woman, we decided to make a Snow-becca.

The eyes are blue M&M's (thank you Aunt Robin). Lily is responsible for the anatomically-correct features of the snow woman, although I did have to move the right one around from the side. Madeleine was in charge of stick arms. We only had about half an hour to build her before the snow on the ground was pretty much melted. We took everything we could get off the car and the decks.

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