Monday, January 18, 2010


The girls have their first flower girl gig coming up in April. Unless some people start getting divorced and remarried again, this is probably their only shot. Aunt Laura's sister is tying the knot and asked us a year ago.

Cristine had already picked out the dress, but we thought it would be cute for them to try some on at David's Bridal this weekend. We got there half an hour early, and totally could not find Laura and Cristine. The people at the front of the store were totally non-helpful. We wandered around and never saw anyone. After many phone calls and texts, Laura's mom came out to get us shortly before three. They'd had an alterations appointment in the back, so of course the front desk people knew nothing about it.

When they wrapped up, we waited for a room to become available, checking every few minutes to bug the lady at the desk. Nothing like two bored four year-olds to make you ask again.

We tried on 6 different dress styles.

Lily modeling THE dress. It will have a blue sash.

The dress we found most inappropriate for a four year old. I thought it had that prom feel.

Also a little too strappy and bride-ish. I guess some people like their flower girls to be mini-me's.

Madeleine in THE dress.

Lily in a poufy dress and Madeleine in her favorite dress. If anyone knows where I can find one cheaper, let me know. It would be great for Easter or the rehearsal dinner. I've scoured eBay and haven't found one yet.

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