Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

We had our first big night out as a family for New Year's Eve last night. After managing to try chopsticks with our stir fry at home Sunday night, I thought this might be a good time to try a Japanese hibachi restaurant with the girls.

I think the highlight for them was getting dressed with Mom. They picked out their stunning outfits you see above. Note the costume jewelry, clip on earrings, and (gasp) makeup. They went through my jewelry box and are each wearing pins. They also picked out my dress, jewelry, and shoes for the evening. After curling my hair, Lily remarked that I looked like a different Mommy.

We got to the restaurant just in time for our 5:30 reservation and were quickly escorted to our table. Of course the girls wanted to go back out to the lobby to look at the koi pond, so Eric took them back while I looked over the menu. Chicken for the girls and seafood for us.

When the chef came out, the room was kind of noisy. so both Lily and Madeleine covered their ears and sort of ducked down. After that, they were kind of leery about the chef. They dove under the table when he made the onion volcano and fire, but were excited to see the flames on other tables.

Both girls ate their soup, but only Lily tried the stir fried noodles. When they got their chicken, it immediately became a game of "How many pieces do I have to eat?" I had promised them dessert, but the restaurant was in such a hurry to turn over the tables, they never even asked. They just brought our checks after the chef left. The waiting area was packed, so I'm not surprised.

So, quick thinking Mommy takes us to Dairy Queen. I wasn't sure what else would be open, and since it was raining and cold, I knew we needed to be indoors. Lily had a cone, which she ate with a spoon, and Madeleine had hers in a dish. All's well that ends well.

Happy New Year everyone!

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