Monday, December 28, 2009

And a good time was had by all

We had an awesome and busy Christmas break this year.

The girls were off last Wednesday from day care, so we had another "girls day" where we went swimming together at the gym and had lunch. Madeleine felt that she had put her face in the water enough during swimming that she had earned ice cream from "Berry's," so we stopped at Goodberry's on the way home despite it being only 50 degrees out.

For Christmas Eve we watched "Elf" and went to the 3:30 children's pageant Mass and then over to my parents for snacks and presents. Lily loved her new sweater.

Madeleine preferred the opening of presents to the gifts themselves.

Christmas morning the girls stayed in bed until 7, like we ask on other days. Then Lily rushed upstairs because she said she wanted to know what different types of wrapping paper Santa had used. Here Madeleine gets her princess on:

Lily shows her new favorite pajamas. We had outgrown all our other footed pajamas some time ago, and she has been sad about it for a long time.

Then after presents had been opened, we headed off to Oak Ridge to visit the Goodman grandparents. We spent two days there and had plenty of time to play princess, throw snowballs, and try out our new scooters.

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