Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good Luck Charms

We took the girls to see the Carolina Hurricanes play the Minnesota Wild. We had a voucher we needed to use from our 12 pack and thought picking up two extra tickets for an afternoon game might be fun. The last time we went to a game with them was in the spring of 2008, and we sat in the nosebleeds then.

With the Canes on a 14 game losing streak and playing a western division team, it wasn't super-crowded either.

They had a tailgate party in the parking lot, so we got there early so they could enjoy the inflatable bouncers. They only had two, so the girls got bored pretty quickly.

Lily had gone grocery shopping with me in the morning and had a great time picking out snacks for our lunch. The big hit was the apple/grape/cheese tray.

Inside we lucked out when the whole row in front of us was empty. Lily quicky figured out the Jumbotron thing and was constantly looking for ways to get on it. (They both managed to get on it twice). Lily went to town on some nachos while Madeleine begged for pink ice cream only to not want it when she actually saw it.
The game went into an overtime shoot out with the Canes finally winning.

Afterwards families could go down to the ice to have their picture taken on the bench, so we waited for that for half an hour. But the big treat was meeting Stormy.

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