Monday, September 7, 2009

Long Weekend?

The girls were looking forward to the long weekend and many "stay at home" days. Madeleine's getting trickier though. Tonight she asked if she could have some extra "stay at home" days until the next real "stay at home" day.

Saturday morning we ventured out to the NC Museum of Life and Science in Durham. Again, I talked about it early and wanted the girls to be out the door by nine. They didn't want to go and just wanted to play more around the house, so we ended up not getting there until after 10. Most of the morning train rides were sold out by that point. The parking lot was packed, but I'm not sure where all the people were. Inside was totally empty.
By 11 or so we managed to get the girls headed out to see the new dinosaur trail. The girls were somewhat impressed. Their favorite was the dinosaur eggs and the fossil dig, even though we didn't find any cool fossils.
We headed off toward the bears, but the close entrance was closed for cleaning. We didn't get too far around the back side before the girls started getting tired and cranky. So we headed back and did a quick run through of the butterfly house and the farmyard. Lily screamed about halfway back to Raleigh that she didn't want to go home.
Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning they spent at their grandparents so that Mom and Dad could have a nice anniversary dinner out and sleep late. We picked them up Sunday morning, and they'd done all kinds of art projects to bring home.
Madeleine also got a purple sequinned dress she's worn for approximately 48 hours straight.
Sunday afternoon we went to Uncle Mark and Aunt Laura's house for a cookout. The girls had a good time and couldn't make up their mind between kicking balls in the back yard or running around the house. Aunt Laura broke out the "my first Craftsman" tools she bought them a long time ago.
Lily took to them right away and was even using the drill and saw at the same time.
Madeleine needed a little more finesse.
Monday was a rainy day. I took the girls to Party City to get birthday party supplies. After spending 30 minutes convincing them to go, of course they loved every minute of it. I got some excellent boy costumes from the clearance racks along with some hats. We're having Disney Princess plates of course.
Then I made the mistake of dragging them through Toys R Us (which sucks in terms of boy dress-up clothes by the way). Madeleine wanted every toy in the place. Lily's favorite thing was the wallpaper on the back of the iCarly display.

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LauraC said...

We have a family membership to Life Science and upgraded it to 6 people (gift from MIL) if you ever want to meet up to take the kids. It's always like that, tons of cars but rarely people inside. The boys really enjoy the butterfly/bug house and the outdoor playground. We've only gone to the bears once, the rest of the time they will happily play in that small area.

Oh and members get in early, I think 9AM on Saturdays!