Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I am now a soccer mom

This weekend we took the girls to an open house at the Dream Sports Center in Apex. Eric and I played roller hockey there back when they first opened, but it had been probably 6 years since either of us had been.

The open house was great. The girls could try a variety of sports to see what interested them: soccer, baseball, cheerleading, basketball, and hockey. Madeleine liked soccer best, and Lily liked basketball. But, we've signed them up for the Lil Kickers program starting this Saturday. Noon was the only time slot they had available, although I would have preferred something earlier so that we could do more with the rest of our day. The program runs through December 12.

Neither girl particularly liked hockey. I think they try it because Mommy plays it. Lily got in the rink with some other little kids, but since she didn't really know what to do, they didn't really play with her. Plus they were older and boys. She was pretty sad about "no one wanting to be her friend," so I'm hoping things will be better for them in soccer.

Based on what I saw during the demo class, the girls should do just fine.

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