Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beach Trip - Part 4: Golf

Since I moved to the South as a teenager, for some reason I always associate beach trips with mini golf. I suck at mini golf, but I like to do it anyway. Especially courses with water hazards. So I couldn't wait to drag the girls.

Thursday afternoon we headed out to the mini golf place, and I was happy to see that kids 4 and under were free. That was helpful when it's regularly $8.75 per person to play anyway. They had a little train you rode to the top of the course and worked your way down.

Being the excellent mom that I am, I forgot extra sunscreen for this blazing hot adventure. But I happened to have hats in the car. I think Madeleine looks very much the Southern golf lady.

Surprisingly enough, Lily decided she'd had enough of golf after the 2nd hole. Usually she's very into sport-related things. She really wanted to climb on all the rocks and got mad when I wouldn't let her. You can see her pouting in the picture below.

Lily did perk up at the end though when we told her it was the last hole. She insisted on using my club however. And I was pleased to come in first place despite having a couple of 5-par holes. Eric's not any better at mini golf than I am.

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LauraC said...

Our mini golf experience in Fargo was remarkably similar. Alex was into every hole, Nate got bored after a couple of holes. The only thing that kept him interested was trying to hit the ball into the water as much as possible.

I rule mini golf btw. My boyfriend in high school worked at a course so I played all the time.