Monday, August 24, 2009

The Beach Itself

For beach-related activities, Lily and Madeleine remembered everything they had seen in their beach-themed books (including the Berenstain Bears Go on Vacation). So, we tried to recreate as many of them as possible.

First up - sand castles. Since Lily has been a big sandbox fan since birth, she went straight to work on a castle. It took a little work to convince her she needed to use WET sand. Mommy preferred "drip castles," so by the end of the week, that's what most of our stuff was made out of.

Next up - surfing. They'd seen surfing in their 1995 Walt Disney World beach video and couldn't wait to try it. I had no intention of letting them really surf, but I thought we could try at least a Boogie Board. Unfortunately, Hurricane Bill had other ideas. The surf was really strong and breaking close to shore. We only tried Wednesday, and you can see Madeleine holding on for dear life. She kept at it though. Lily didn't like it at all. Thursday and Friday we only played in tidal pools rather than the water itself.

Next up - burying Dad in the sand. Lily and Madeleine also took turns being buried. It was tough because they kept getting sand in their mouths.

Lastly - kite flying. We bought a $5 kite at wings to give it a shot. You can see Madeleine is very proud of herself. The wind was strong enough we had to keep reminding her to use two hands. When it was Lily's turn, she kept running up the beach with it.

Tomorrow...the pool.

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