Sunday, August 23, 2009

Beach Summary

Sunscreen: $50
Miscellaneous Useless Beach Paraphenalia purchased at Wings: $42.61
2 Trips to Dairy Queen: $18.93
4 Days at the Beach with the Girls: Priceless
I'll try and post more details throughout the week as there's just too much for one day, but we had a great time. With the exception of Madeleine taking a header off the top bunk on Wednesday, the girls slept better than they do at home. We went out to the beach first thing each morning for about an hour, followed by an hour at the pool. We'd come in for lunch and attempt a nap. Then we'd do some kind of activity in the afternoon, dinner, and a movie before bed.
Hurricane Bill hovered off the coast, so we only took them in the ocean on Wednesday. Madeleine surprisingly braved the waves better than Lily. Thursday and Friday we splashed in tidal pools created by the surf and high tides.
Saturday we checked out just after 9am and went to the aquarium. We drove the length of the island home, and Madeleine just sobbed the whole time. I guess she's going to be our beach girl.

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