Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day

Today is the girls' first real snow day. We've had a few flurries in the past, but this was the real deal. School cancelled. Enough to play in.

Somehow they slept until 8 am. So I just went into their room and lifted up the shade. They were so excited and couldn't wait for their day. We went upstairs and had breakfast. We talked about what we would do, and at about 10 am, I started getting everyone ready. Trips to the potty, extra clothes and bundled up. I think we got out the door around 10:40.

The other neighbors were out in the street with their kids, so they all kind of played together. The girls were very excited about the snowman and were insistent on a carrot nose, a smile, and buttons.

Madeleine LOVED doing snow angels and throwing snow balls (that I made).

After nap we had a snack and went out again. This time in the back yard. I had to drag them inside after about an hour.

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