Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Little Princess

Lily got kicked out of day care on Monday for having a fever. Tuesday she was much better and hung around the house with me. We watched Cinderella three times in a row. Her favorite part is at the end where she gets married.

Throughout the entire movie, Lily wears her Cinderella dress. Then when the end approaches, she runs to get one of the veils my mom made for them. At the end of the movie, Cinderella and her prince get into a carriage and ride off into happily ever after with them kissing.

Lily gets her veil on and jumps in her Pottery Barn anywhere chair. She slides over to one side and yells for me to come get in the carriage. I get to be the prince. She waves to everyone and then kisses me on the lips, keeping one eye open and glued on the TV to make sure we kiss as long as they do.

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