Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, Same Old Song and Dance

For New Year's Eve last night, Eric and I stayed in with the girls. We had dinner and then settled in our jammies to have movie night. I had done this a few weeks ago when Eric was out of town, and the girls did awesome. This time, not so much. Probably was the choice of movie. Three weeks ago it was The Little Mermaid. They knew the story and followed it right along.

Last night we rented Wall-E. I thought it would be something Eric and I would like as well, and I'd heard other kids of the same age liked it. The girls talked and asked questions the whole time, and since we hadn't seen it either, I had no answers. I think they had a problem following the robot dialogue because they couldn't tell who was doing the talking since no mouths were moving. They kept asking "who said that?"

So, tonight they asked to watch something else. My mom had brought over a copy of Barishnokov's The Nutcracker ballet. I've never watched the ballet before myself, but I assumed that the girls might not be super interested. But tonight they asked for it, and immediately I had to put them into their leotards and tutus.

The videos that follow are their interpretations of the dances onscreen. They asked plenty of questions as it went along as well, but managed to stay engaged for an entire hour.

For those playing along at home, we are FOUR DAYS with no one falling out of bed. Still coughing though...

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