Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Naughty or nice?

Sunday afternoon our multiples group hosted a "Milk and Cookies with Santa" party in Raleigh. I was excited to go because it meant that we were able to go see Santa without waiting in the crazy long lines at the mall.
It was a little chaotic at least, but if I've learned anything the last three years, it's patience. So, we sat quietly at the table and ate cookies while other parents with little babies haid their pictures taken. For the first time, our girls were some of the oldest kids at the event. I loved all the kids who were 18-24 months just freaking out at the thought of Santa. As a dad of multiples himself, it was also funny to me to watch Santa holding infant triplets on his lap when his own kids went off to kindergarten this year.
Lily was very excited to see Santa, and Madeleine told him she would like an "office" for Christmas.
Of course, our busy weekend with activities has resulted in what I was afraid of: illness. Madeleine had a fever when I picked her up from school yesterday, so they're both home with me today. But they're not acting sick, so that's the hardest part for them. I'm hoping they're well for their Christmas party at daycare on Friday. One of the other moms is going to do gingerbread house decorating with them, and everyone will get to do their own gingerbread man cookie.

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