Sunday, December 14, 2008

Disney On Ice

This weekend, the girls went to see the spectacle that is Disney on Ice. I was interested to see how they would react to skating that wasn't hockey since they hadn't seen it before. I had gotten discount tickets through work, and Aunt Laura joined us for the morning since Daddy was out of town.

We got there about and hour early because I'd seen a "Princess Party" advertised that looked pretty cool. So, we headed up to the club level to check it out. The line was huge, and Lily really didn't want to stand in it much. It was moving pretty fast, which surprised me. When I got inside, it was obvious why.

The whole thing was kind of lame. The promotional picture I'd seen had Snow White posing with a little girl dressed like her, so I thought all the princesses would be milling around and taking pictures with kids. No, it was their dresses on headless mannequins. Cinderella was off in the corner on a pedastal with security guards.

On the concourse level, it was packed with people and merchanidise stands. Even food was marked up quite a bit because it was in souvenir buckets and such. The girls saw the vendors walking around and begged for snow cones. I promised that I would get them on at intermission.

The first half of the show was awesome: Cars, The Little Mermaid, and the Lion King. The girls liked the Lion King part best and when the male skaters picked up the women skaters.

At intermission I left our seats to go in search of snow cones, but at $10 each I had to make an ATM run first. Then at the booth I chose, they were out of spoons, and I refused to pay the extra $2 for a souvenir spoon. So then I had to run around looking for straws and spoons. I got back to the seat just as the second half was starting. Guess what? Girls don't like snow cones. We held the cups the whole second half just to dump them out when we got home.

The second part was all Tinkerbell, and I think the girls found it hard to follow since they knew the plot of the other stories. They asked a lot of questions I couldn't answer. Their favorite part of this section was the flowers growing at the end.

I'm glad Aunt Laura was with us. As she said - this event required "man-to-man" offense.

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