Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It figures...

The girls are out of day care sick for about twice a year, and it usually lasts a week. The last time was April, so I knew we were overdue. And last year it was the week before Christmas, so it's very familiar.
When I picked them up Monday night, Brianna said Lily wasn't herself. But no fever when I checked her. Madeleine, on the other hand, was 101.6. No change in her personality though. They both ate dinner like I hadn't fed them in forever. They stayed cool all night and slept through the night fine.
This morning temps were about 100, so I kept them home. They were happy as clams all day. I attempted to work at the kitchen table, so there was more TV watching than I ordinarily allow. After the third time watching Max and Ruby Christmas DVD, we headed downstairs to play "fashion show" in my closet.
Madeleine got all into it. She picked out a nice shirt, necklace, shoes, and sunglasses. Lily preferred her ballerina outfit and just went for shoes. I let them wear them all day until bedtime.
I didn't give them Tylenol most of the day since the fever didn't seem to be botherting them. It was still about 100 when they went to bed (I gave them Tylenol then).

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