Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Divas

The kids had a super-busy Halloween. We started off the morning by heading to Global Knowledge for the annual Halloween spectacular. We picked up breakfast on the way, and the girls snacked on it at the conference table.

Then we walked around to see the other costumes and decorations in the office. Many groups had candy out for the kids, so the girls enjoyed picking out candy. They especially liked seeing other kids dressed up. We entered the individual costume contest as "Super Mom," but I didn't win.

Around 9:30 am we headed out to EPLC for their Halloween parade. This year they marched up and down Executive Circle. All the kids were super cute.

I picked them up from day care at 4:30 and headed home for dinner and trick-or-treating. We went up to Grandma and Grandpa's house since more people on their street give out candy. The girls had a great time, but they forgot to say "trick or treat" after the first house or so. They just wanted to say "Happy Halloween." They also were under the impression that everyone knew them, so on one occasion Lily tried to enter someone's house.

We only went to 6 houses before the girls said they were done. Then we headed home to talk about our candy before going to bed for the night. I had to go through each piece in their pumpkin and tell them what kind of candy it was.

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Your daughters are so cute! - Tansy