Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fancy Ribbon Dance

Well, our first dance class went as well as can be expected for a room full of 3 year olds. Both Lily and Madeleine were so excited today, they told anyone who would listen that they were headed to ballet class tonight.
We got there around 5:15. I tried to feed them some goldfish in the parking lot since I knew we'd be having dinner late. Madeleine wasn't interested, but Lily was going to town. Eric showed up shortly after with juice boxes, so they had those as well. We went in around 5:20, but no one else was there yet, so we were left to entertain ourselves for 10 minutes. Not really a whole lot to do in the community center.

But class started promptly at 5:30. Almost all the other little girls had on the Target brand ballet slippers. The course is taught by Khadija ElMcPherson, or 'Coach K." I have to hand it to her, she did a pretty good job wrangling all the kids together. We started off sitting in a circle all together, parents and kids, but shortly after the girls were on their own.

It was hard for me to watch sometimes as the girls were doing something wrong. I wanted to help them out the best I could, but I knew that Coach K was their teacher, and I shouldn't interfere.
The last 10-15 minutes they did "solos." I think this was the hardest part for the girls because they had to wait while each girl took their turn on the dance line. They were not supposed to touch their ribbons, but of course they did. Some girls went and ran to sit with their parents when they were done. I thought she might have a meltdown, but Lily was very patient and went last out of the whole crew without a complaint.

Getting out of the community center was another story. Lily freaked out immediately that we wouldn't let her run into one of the other meeting rooms. I knew she just didn't want to leave and go home. Madeleine followed her leave and started yelling too. We tried more snacks in the car, but they kept at it for a few blocks. All was well though by the time we got home. Hopefully they'll understand next week that they do get to go back.

I'm experimenting with a video montage for the first time, so please excuse me if it sucks.

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Ron and Aimee said...

Oh my god - that is soooooo cute. I love reading your blog because I think of how my little girls will be when they hit that age. I know it will be here in the blink of an eye!