Sunday, November 16, 2008

Go Wolfpack!

Yes, I'm a Carolina girl who hasn't said "Go to hell State!" in a very long time. Whether is it was the tough times NCSU faced in the early 90's when they lost Jimmy V or Kay Yow's valiant struggle with cancer, I lost all animosity against NC State athletics. I've looked forward to the day we could take the girls to sporting events, particularly women's events, for a long time. NC State being the closest option, they win.

Then in August I got a NCSU cheerleader outfit at the consignment sale for $10. It was fate. I just needed an event to wear it to. For weeks Madeleine has been asking to wear her cheerleader dress, and I told her we needed to check the basketball schedule.

Unfortunately, most of the women's basketball games fall at 2 pm or 7pm this season, prime sleeping times for us. However this weekend they had a special tournament with a game at 2:30. So, today we took an early nap and got them up early. We managed to make it to the game about 5 minutes in and grabbed a seat on the third row to watch.

They sat in our laps most of the first half. We got popcorn and some nachos, and they were very excited to see the cheerleaders and mascots during breaks. Then I let them out of the bleachers to jump around during halftime. Then it was over. There was no going back into the seats then. They wanted to jump and dance for anyone who would smile at them. We made two separate trips to the bathroom that was a mile and a half away. They wanted to stalk Mr. and Ms. Wulf.

We did manage a few cheers, and the girls both managed to make the Wolfpack sign frequently.

State managed to just beat UNC-Charlotte. It was a close game, but I always like to see Yow's ladies win.

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