Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Highlights

Let's see - Friday night we went out to dinner. Usually when we head out to eat the girls don't eat much. But the love pancakes, so I thought maybe if we ate pancakes out it would work. Sort of. Madeleine ordered blueberry, and Lily ordered chocolate chip. Madeleine wouldn't touch hers with the blueberry sauce on top, but Lily did eat hers. Luckily Grandma had a plain one, so Maddie did get something to eat :)
Saturday morning was just hanging around the house. We went to Target for some errands and later made ice cream in the Cuisinart. I'm always amazed they'll sit there for 25 minutes with their finger on the stop button just waiting for the timer to go off.
Sunday morning we went swimming at the gym with Grandma Sherry. Eric had used up his August guest pass already, so Grandma came along. Of all the weekends we went swimming this summer, Sunday morning was the best weather. It's a shame they don't have morning swim hours the rest of the year.

We stayed in the pool all the way until 11:20. Lily didn't wear a life preserver this time, and Madeleine took hers off after a while.
Monday morning we went to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, and the girls had a blast. I can't believe we hadn't been before, especially since the girls get in free until they turn 3. We spent the whole time in the outside exhibits and never really even went indoors other than the butterfly house. They enjoyed the train ride, and walked pretty much the entire nature trail by themselves.

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