Monday, September 22, 2008


On Sunday we went to the Caniac Carnaval at the RBC Center. Last year we had tried to go, but got there just after everything ended with the girls nap time and all.

So this year we got there bright and early when it started. Most of the people were standing in the autograph line, so we headed for the giant toddler inflatable area. I was worried some of the activities were too old for the girls, but they soon got the hang of the ladders and slides and were on their own.

They played some floor hockey and had a snack of Dippin Dots ice cream. Lily tried it right away, but Madeleine was suspcious of something that was clearly not ice cream. Lily talked about how "chocolaty" it was.

The big surprise of the day was - Lily loves motorcross! They had a display of the flipping bikes, and she was so excited. Madeleine thought it was too loud.

Molly and Darren showed up around 11:30, so they joined us in the toddler area.

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