Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend Update

We had an exciting weekend. We started off Saturday morning with a trip to Lifetime Fitness. It had been a year since I had last dropped them off in the child care center there, so I thought it might be time to try again. This year they're big enough to enter the jungle gym area, which has a large climbing structure along with a play house and other toys.

Both girls went in fine, and there was no crying. Meanwhile I went upstairs to use the elliptical. Listening intently for a page, I never got one and returned an hour later. When Madeleine saw me walk through the door, she ran toward me and ran smack into another kid. That set off the crying, and I went in to get her. But I couldn't find Lily. She was in the bathroom going potty all by herself. Danielle, the girl who had been supervising them, said Madeleine had cried for me once, but Lily was a social butterfly and had been having an awesome time.

I'll probably try it again if the girls will let me. It was just too hot this weekend to do anything else outside, and I thought this would be a great way to get their climbing in while being indoors.

So after that we went out to the big pool. We stayed for about a half an hour. It got really crowded. Madeleine kept wanting me to "throw" her, and Lily wanted to swim on her own.

The picture above was taken Saturday afternoon. Lily had stolen my gym socks, called them "tights" and was wearing them with my shoes. Around 4:30 they went over to Grandma Bench's house so that Mommy and Daddy could have date night. We picked them up Sunday morning.

Today we went shopping at Target. I picked up some toddler sun hats that we'll probably never wear. Then we went grocery shopping. They were out of the two-child carts that we usually use. There was another twin mom there whose sons looked about 18 months old, and she was by herself. I could tell she was stressing about what to do. We put Lily in the cart that I pushed, and Madeleine used one of the small "customer in training" carts and did her own shopping. Eric walked with her, and she followed me closely. She only clipped my heels 3 times, but she was very grown up about shopping.

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