Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day

We didn't do anything particularly exciting for Father's Day. Eric slept late, and the girls helped me make blueberry muffins in the kitchen. They've done it a few times before, and I just bring all the ingredients down to the floor.

Lily pours the milk in, and Madeleine pours in the oil. They always want to crack the eggs, but I'm not that courageous yet. They each have their own spatula to stir, but Lily is the first to want to lick the batter. They've filled the muffin tins with the paper cups and do their best to fill them up. If I'm lucky they allow Mommy to help, so that at least some cups get enough batter.

They LOVE to eat the muffins though. We make a mix of regular size muffins along with some mini muffins. Lily ate 3 big and 3 little. Madeleine stopped after one and a half.

They made decorated can cozies at day care: Out of this World Dad. There's foam stickers of astronauts and satellites on them. The girls thought they were candles, flipped them over, stuck their fingers up through the hole, and sang Happy Birthday.

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