Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ice Cream Party

People at my work had been complaining that they hadn't seen the girls in a long time. And they were right. We hadn't been in the office since Halloween. So when a staff member's birthday came up, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to organize an ice cream party and pick the girls up from day care early to spend the afternoon with me.

I started talking to them about it last week, so that it wouldn't come as a surprise to them when I showed up. They get very upset if I get there when they're playing outside or in the middle of watching a movie, etc.

So, I picked them up at 3:15, and they were very excited to come with me. We had to tell EVERYBODY that we were going to an ice cream party before we left the center.

They were super well-behaved once we got to the office. They each had chocolate and vanilla ice cream with a little whipped cream. They didn't want sprinkles or Oreo bits. We went and washed hands once they got all sticky, but both girls immediately wanted more ice cream again.

Afterwards, we went to Aunt Laura's desk where they colored for about half an hour. Laura's coworkers lent them all kinds of pretty markers, so they enjoyed making pictures for her cubicle.

Lily's highlight was her trip to go potty. When I took her into one of the stalls she saw the double toilet paper holders and exclaimed excitedly, "There's TWO toilet papers in here!"

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