Monday, October 28, 2013

You go to school to learn, not for a fashion show

Thanks for letting me get that out.  It's been stuck in my head since I signed the girls up to participate a couple of weeks ago in a small, informal fashion show.  Sponsored by a local baby boutique called Green Pea Baby, I saw their call for models on Facebook and thought it might be fun.  I don't usually shop there since we're on the upper end of their sizes, and I don't know many folks with wee ones anymore.

The clothes fit great.  If we needed anything more this season, and they carried anything higher than a 7, I would have bought something.


I was surprised at how confident Lily seemed.  They really enjoyed themselves.


After it was their turn, they hung out in the tent some and talked to the adult models.  I managed to snap a few more pictures in there.


But *this* is my hands-down favorite.


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