Saturday, February 2, 2013

Why we make our own Valentines

The girls love Valentine's Day.  What's not to love?  Their most favorite thing to do is make decorated boxes to hold their valentines.  We already have made multiples this year.  I've tried kits and bags, but their favorite is just a shoebox with paper and stickers.

Every year they come home from school with bags/boxes full of valentines from friends.  Usually the store-bought kind with names scrawled on the bottom and a sucker attached.  I've got nothing against these, but I always feel a little weird being "that family that makes their own."

It started when the girls were about 18 months.  If there's one thing any mom of multiples will tell you, it's that the years are short, but the days are LONG.  Filling up those stretches before and after nap time on the weekend can be quite a challenge, especially when they're used to being at daycare during the week.

So, we did projects.  All kinds of art projects, and valentines are the most special of art projects.  The first year I took a picture of them attempting to make their own valentines, printed out multiple copies of the picture, and then cut it in the shape of a heart.  Then I stuck it to the hearts they'd colored on.

And it went from there.  Each year I ask if they want store-bought ones, and each year they've said no.  And I'm OK with that.  As long as we have a couple of free hours and $40 worth of stickers.



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