Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Purple Camera

In addition to some money she received for her report card, Madeleine also got some money from my aunt for Valentine's Day, and it was burning a hole in her pocket. While in Rite Aid last week she saw a purple Vivitar digital camera and decided she wanted it.

So this week, armed with her $15 she bought it.  Lily also bought one.

Oh my gosh, what junk.  I feel bad for any grown ups who buy one of these cameras.  Madeleine's had a flash, but Lily's did not.  They hold about 25 pictures in memory, and if the batteries die or fall out, you're toast.

Madeleine ran around today taking pictures.  Disappointed that many were blurry, I showed her how to use a tripod.  But every time she went to take the camera off the tripod, she'd hit the spring-loaded battery door and pop those suckers out.  Or it was so cold out, it killed the batteries.  End of pictures.

So, I taped it shut.  She managed to get a few shots in and is happy about it.  It's her money and what she wanted to do with it, but the mom in me has to hold back and let her do it.  I've offered to let her use some of my old cameras instead.  But they aren't purple.

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