Sunday, October 9, 2011

Party Time

The girls had their 6th birthday party at Kenney's Gymnastics on Saturday.  They took gymnastics there last year and had been asking about having their party there ever since.  You get a trophy when you're the birthday kid, and that's what is most important apparently.
 It was Madeleine's year to hear "Happy Birthday" first.  She was most excited to note I put the candles in an A/B pattern.
 A very touching moment when Madeleine decided to hug Lily prior to her blowing out her candles.  I had to ask her to stop so that we could get this over with before everything was melted.
Lily's turn.

We had some new friends from elementary school attend as well as some old preschool friends.  It was kind of hard this year since I didn't know how to go about inviting anyone from school, and I couldn't invite both classes entirely.

For the record, I did invite almost everyone we knew from the neighborhood, EPLC, and Country Sunshine.  Unfortunately, I didn't discover until Thursday that maybe only 50% of the people I sent invitiations to received the emails unfortunately.  I didn't want to look like a jerk at the last minute inviting everyone, so I kind of just let it go.  Hopefully we'll all get to catch up sometime soon!

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