Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2011 State Fair Wrap Up

We visited the North Carolina State Fair over the weekend.  The weather was perfect, if even a tad warm.  So we trekked out with the rest of the world Saturday to the fairgrounds.  Now that we're big schoolkids, no goofing off and going during the week.

Usually we take the first park-and-ride bus at 8:30 and get there plenty early.  Unfortunately, the people who sell the bus tickets must have not set their alarm, because there was a long line of us there waiting to buy tickets when the first bus showed up.  They let us buy tickets on the bus, but everyone feeding in dollars individually into the meters took a while, so it was almost 9 am before we got there.

The girls demonstrate their hula hoop skills at the PBS Kids/Marbles tent.  I didn't know they could do two hoops at once.

 They weren't really interested in the animals this year.  We checked out the crafts and hobbies building where the girls plotted what crafts they want to submit.  They didn't want pony rides or the petting barn, but we did check out the rabbits.
 As soon as the rides opened at 10, we got in line for the ferris wheel since that was the longest line we stood in last year.  Lily was very nervous the first time around, but Madeleine immediately looked for our house.
 We graduated to some of the more big-kid rides this year, including the giant slide and the swings that make mommy nervous.

 While eating lunch, Lily overheard some people talking about the pig races.  So, we headed up to the "Hogway Speedway."  I knew from previous experience that people get there up to one hour before showtime to claim seats.  The girls patiently waited 45 minutes for the show and really enjoyed it.

 They brought their birthday money and could buy themselves any souvenir they wanted.  Madeleine got a light up sword, and Lily picked yet another cowgirl hat.

We were back in line for the bus by 2pm and headed home for a much-needed nap.

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