Friday, November 19, 2010

The Lowdown on the Bathroom Situation

Needless to say, I was pretty much the one in charge of taking the girls into all the restrooms while on vacation. I made sure I asked frequently and scheduled breaks when it was convenient for everyone. Kudos to Disney to having large, fairly clean restrooms that can be easily found.

However, I'm sure part of the reason the restrooms are so clean is the automatic flushers. Because of a few incidents two years ago at the RBC Center, my girls are terrified of auto-flush toilets. They are scared to death of what will happen if it flushes while they're on it. I know the trick of bringing post-its to cover the sensors, but of course, I failed to bring any on our trip.

What this led to is the three of us squished into a single bathroom stall. One girl on the toilet, the other in the far corner, and me leaning over the girl on the toilet with my finger on the sensor. Quite the sight. Then we'd all rotate positions when the next had to go.

I was tired of it after 4 days or so, so I created a new game. If the toilet flushed while you were on it, I'd buy the injured girl a toy from the closest available gift shop. I never ended up having to fulfill on this promise luckily.

By the end of the week, the girls quit asking, so hopefully this has cured them of the auto-flush fear. Until we take them to a Hurricanes game that is.

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Alafaria said...

Hi Michele, your mom and dad sent me the link to your blog. I loved reading about your trip to Disney and enjoying your photos. Lily and Maddie are two totally awesome chicks. By the way, great camera choice in the Canon. I have an SD1000 after 3 disappointing Olympus cams and this little guy is totally the best. Merry Christmas!
"Cousin" Linda