Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Disney adventure years in the making

I'll sum up our trip in a number of posts - but we recently came back from a 7 day trip to Disney. We had a great time, and it was the *perfect* time to bring the girls. One of the reasons it was so perfect was that they had no real expectations of what "Disney" meant. They'd heard some of their friends talk about it and a few pictures on Facebook, but that was pretty much it.
So we decided to keep it a surprise as much as possible. We told them they were going to Florida, but being five years-old, they didn't know that Disney was in Florida. Of course, some people asked them about Disney, so they kind of had a suspicion.
We put these name tags on them for the trip. I couldn't write out "Disney" because that's one of the 4 words they can read.

We got a lot of smiles in the airport because of them. The girls did ask about them, and I told them it was Mommy's information in case they got lost.
Finally, in the Orlando airport, Madeleine told us that she'd heard Disney World was in Florida at school. So, if it wasn't a problem, could we stop by while we were there? So, we told them in the shuttle train that we'd be spending the whole time at Disney and doing nothing else. They were excited, but not shrieking up and down excited.

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