Monday, May 31, 2010

Welcome Summer!

We had a busy Memorial Day weekend. On Saturday we hit the pool in the afternoon. They usually don't allow floats or inflatable things, but since they were having an official pool party, they supplied inner tubes and such for the girls to play with. They had a great time (once we were able to find some that had been abandoned). Then we hit up Goodberry's for some frozen custard.
Sunday was ambitious as well. We went to Brixx Wood Fired Pizza for lunch on our way to Southern Season. They had just launched their annual sale, and I hadn't been in forever. In fact, the girls had never been. They have gourmet food items around the outer rim of the store, and the middle is filled with kitchen gadgets and dishware. Pretty much the LAST place you'd want to bring two four year-olds.
But they have a HUGE candy counter with all kinds of chocolates. The girls set their sights on the brownie pops dipped in chocolate, and we used those as leverage to get them through the rest of the store. ("Mommy how many more things do we need to buy before we can go?")
Then we went to Pittsboro to visit with friends and their 15 month old twins. The girls had a blast with the baby toys and playing outside. We went out to dinner as well, but two meals out in one day was pushing our luck. They barely ate anything and just wanted to go to sleep (which they did on the way home).
Sunday we went for a picnic in the Rose Garden at the Raleigh Little Theatre. I got to use my fancy camera for once when I could catch them. Then we spent the afternoon back at the pool (minus floaties plus two Barbies however).

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