Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wait a berry-picking minute!

Since the girls are so into picking flowers (mostly clover and dandelions), I thought maybe they'd enjoy strawberry picking this year. I think I've only ever been once, but I knew there were tons of fields around. So I picked the one that was closest rather than hear them yell about how we needed to move closer. We went to DJ's Berry Patch.

I timed it so we were the first ones out there picking in the morning. That way there were pleny of berries and it wasn't too hot. Plus no serious pickers would mind the two four year-olds. It's not like we weren't up anyway.

The girls did great and within half an hour they'd filled 3 of the buckets you can get there. Way more than I wanted, but they were having a good time. If it were legal, I think the farms could get some good work out of a bunch of preschoolers.

At home we spent the afternoon making ice cream and the strawberry pound cake seen below. I wanted to just do shortcake, but they had a pink cake set in their minds.

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