Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm THAT Mom

We went to an awesome birthday party on Saturday. Since this was the first time we'd been invited to a party of another set of twins, I wanted to make sure that the girls knew what to expect. The other MoM had also let us know that the theme was to be a messy party.

So I told the girls about it so that they wouldn't fight me when it came to the wardrobe choices that morning. Otherwise Madeleine would have been dressed for the prom. I told them that there would be paint and markers, and they didn't need to worry if they got paint on themselves. The girls LOVE it when they get their faces painted at fairs and such, so they asked if there would be face painting there. I said no, but if they wanted to paint their own face, they were welcome to.

Well, we got to the party, and Laura had all kinds of stations set up for the kids. Painting had paints, brushes, and refrigerator box houses. There was playdough, sand, arts and crafts, and snacks. Where did my kids head? Straight for the paint. Did it go on the box? Nope. They were painting their hands and faces. I saw a few other parents look at me in horror since we'd now set a precedent. But I didn't see anyone else quite get into it like Lily and Madeleine.
I can't wait to read the party recap on Laura's Mommy Journal.

Who needs sunscreen when you can just make your arms purple?


Lani said...

That is awesome! Kids need to get dirty sometimes, that's the fun of being a kid- so good for you for letting them:)

Ron and Aimee said...

What a great party idea - I'm going to file that away for a couple years from now! Good for you for letting them go to town!

LauraC said...

LOVE the pics! I was super impressed the girls painted all over themselves... hopefully Nate and Alex will start doing that soon! Thanks for coming!