Sunday, May 31, 2009

Busy Busy Bees

This weekend was jam-packed with activities. Saturday morning we headed to the NC State Fairgrounds for the Got to Be NC Festival. The big attraction for the girls was the carnival rides. They wanted to ride them first thing when we got there and not even walk around to see what was there.
First, they tackled the merry-go-round, then the motorcycles. From there we did the train, the flying dogs, then the swings. The swings were a huge issue because Madeleine wanted to go on the ones for big kids. I was concerned that even the little kid one would be too scary. I was totally right.

Lily was the most nervous as the ride started, but when it was going really fast she got better. Madeleine, on the other hand, wanted off. She never cried, but every time around, she politely yelled to me, "Mommy! Please stop the ride!" She cried when she got off because I wasn't listening to her.

From there we decided it was time for a drink and a snack. We walked all the way over to the concession where Ms. Valerie and Ms. Jill (day care teachers) were working. The girls had lemonade and ice cream.

Then they went for their first pony ride. Madeleine rode Chico, and Lily was on Charlie. It was short and sweet, but the girls thought it was super-neat.

Then we picked out one ride to do again...the motorcycles.

Saturday afternoon we hit the pool. This was our first time going to the outdoor pool at Lifetime in the afternoon. Usually we'd go first thing in the morning when it opened. It was packed, but the girls did really good. I'd really like to figure out a way to get them in swimming lessons this year though.

Sunday morning we went to see a movie - Up. Molly Scrivner came with us, and it was her first time in the movie theater. The girls did awesome. The movie started at 11:30, so it was pushing up against naptime anyway, so Madeleine spent most of the movie in my lap. Both girls ate a lot of popcorn.

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