Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sick girlies

We finally got it - the stomach virus that's been going around since January. I've lived in constant fear of it for months now since it seems like I've known somebody with it pretty much constantly this winter. Even I had it back in January without Eric or the girls somehow managing to get it.

Then it hit the day care about 2 weeks ago. I've been slowly watching it worm its way around the building.

Madeleine wasn't herself when I picked her up this afternoon. I took her temp when we got home, and it was 97.5. It's NEVER been that low. She didn't eat dinner. Then around 6 pm, she said her tummy hurt really bad, so I took her to the bathroom. She's thrown up 8 times since then. I try and get water into her, but she's just throwing it back up.

Lily's been in a good mood so far, but I expect her to come down with it soon. Eric's been out for the evening, so I don't know about him. I'm feeling a bit nauseous myself, but it could be just from dealing with vomit for the last few hours.

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