Monday, April 6, 2009


We kicked off the first of the holiday activities with the Town of Cary egg hunt on Saturday. This was the first time the hunt has been held on a Saturday, instead of Good Friday, so I was excited the girls would get to go.

That said, the hunt started at 10, so we were there before 9. We got an awesome parking spot and headed for the playground. The girls love the Bond Park playground anyway, so it was a no brainer. I couldn't believe more people hadn't gotten there early as well.

Around 9:45 we headed over to the field. Two years ago at the TMOTT egg hunt, the girls were the youngest and didn't get many eggs. So we told them this time to run for the back, leaving the up-close eggs for the littler kids. Then they should only get 5 eggs.

Madeleine listened very closely. She immediately took off for the back of the field. We found her at the far fence. Way past the eggs. Lily figured she'd pick up whatever was closest. There were tons of eggs, so the Harris Teeter mascot was even helping her pick them up.

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