Sunday, February 8, 2009

Circus Freaks

Friday night I finally decided it was safe enough to buy Circus tickets. I'd been holding off because of health issues with the girls and decided everyone was good to go this weekend. We went to the 11 am show on Sunday.

We didn't hit the floor for the pre-show. There was a crazy amount of people already down there, and we could see one of the rings from our seats anyway. Lily enjoyed watching the juggling while Madeleine screamed at every cotton candy/crown/light-up toy vendor that walked by, "I want that!"
As for the show itself, I felt Madeleine could take it or leave it. She didn't seem to wake up until the second half, when she kept trying to perform acrobat tricks in her seat. Mostly because she was trying to get a reaction out of us. She kept up with the begging, so we got her a $12 bag of cotton candy on the way out. It has not been eaten by the way. I'm just waiting for her to remember the princess hat she wanted (which wasn't for sale, just on the head of the performers).
Lily, on the other hand, watched the first half intently. Then, during the faux-techno song and dance number, she danced like a crazy woman the entire time. Eric and I couldn't help but laugh, and so did the people behind us. But, then she was wore out for the second half.


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