Sunday, February 23, 2014

Family Fun Saturday

This weekend we did something I'd always wanted to do: take the girls to one of the Family Fun Saturday activities as the North Carolina Museum of Art.  In the past I've either gotten the date wrong for the activity or been too late to sign up (as the events are really popular).  So a few weeks ago when I saw the mention of it in the paper on a Friday, I saw that the event for that weekend was already sold out.  I looked for the next event and bought tickets anyway, figuring that the price wasn't bad enough that if something happened and we couldn't go, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

Lucky us, as this weekend's event was sold out by the time it appeared in the newspaper on Friday as well.

The activity started off with a performance of OPQRS, Etc. by Raleigh Little Theatre.  Then we did a short tour of some sculptures in the museum, followed up by an activity.  In the studio, we were given some materials to build a sculpture with some of the elements we talked about during the tour.

Our sculpture will be on exhibit at the Raleigh Little Theatre during the run of OPQRS, Etc., and we were given free tickets to the preview showing of the play.  The girls are really excited to go.
I just wish the next couple months weren't so busy so we could attend more of these workshops.

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