Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween!

The big day is finally here - the girls are super excited.  It will be the coldest year for trick or treating that we've had since they were born.  Last year it was over 80 degrees, and tomorrow's high will be 57.  Luckily we can add some clothing under our costumes.

The ideas for our costumes came from the Chasing Fireflies catalog this year.  Lily fell in love with the Spiderina costume, and I bought it because it looked awesome.  It's two sizes too big, so maybe we can get some future use out of it.

Madeleine is a bride.  I didn't want to but the $150 one in the catalog, so we got a real wedding dress from a thrift store, and I altered it (my apologies to the original creator).  I bought a girls size petticoat and sewed it to a tank top to make a slip.  I hemmed it up a good 4" so I can let it out if we keep it for a while.

We've been to a number of Halloween events already, which is nice considering how much costumes can cost these days if you buy them.  It's also a good backup in case for some reason trick or treating on Halloween doesn't work out (illness, weather, etc).  This year we went to Rocktoberfest at the Y, the Town of Cary's Howlin Halloween, and the twins club get together.

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