Monday, August 27, 2012

First day of first grade

Today the girls started first grade.  As with Kindergarten, they didn't have many details to share about their first day.  There are 6 classes, and each girl only has about 4-5 kids from their class last year in their class again this year.  While they have lunch at the same time, their recess times are different again, so they don't see each other until the end of the day.

We went shopping for the outfits above on Saturday.  Lily really wanted to go to Justice, but she didn't see anything there she liked.  I didn't see anything that hadn't been thrown up on by the Glitter Fairy.  So she ended up with an Old Navy sweater and some Justice jeans I got at the consignment sale.  Madeleine's outfit is Target (with Old Navy boots).  We're using the same Stride Rite backpacks as last year (the girls haven't figured out to ask for new ones).

When I picked them up at school, there was a whole bunch of kids still waiting for their bus to show up.  They'd been waiting an hour, and a lot of frantic parents were running into the school.  I felt really bad for them.

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