Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Going to the Lodge

Over the weekend, we paid a visit to the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC. We went down on Saturday and came back on Monday to possibly avoid some of the Friday/Saturday weekend crowds.

We got a "Wolf Den" suite, and the girls were excited to sleep in their very own cave. Lily had the top bunk, and Madeleine the bottom. They counted 16 painted wolves on the walls and only woke me up once each night when they forgot where they were and were scared.

Saturday afternoon we got there around 2:30 and were able to check in right away. Down at the waterpark by 3, we spent a few hours there before dinner. Lily was more tentative and preferred the baby area, whereas Madeleine and Eric took off for some of the bigger slides.

We had dinner at their on-site restaurant, and the girls were excited to get their very own set of wolf ears. We caught a magic show before the 8 o'clock storytime as well.

Sunday morning we participated in the Jr. Lifeguard class at the Cub Club, and I highly recommend it. Only 3 other kids came, and they got in to the water park early to learn about the whistles and how they save people. It definitely made them a lot more comfortable around the lifeguards in the park as they felt like they knew them.

They got to lead the lifeguards in their wake up howl and be first in line when the waterpark opened at 9am on Sunday. We spent all morning there, taking a break to eat lunch back at the room before heading out again in the afternoon. We also visited the Cub Club where Madeleine painted a jewelry box and Lily colored her own t-shirt.

We went to On the Border for dinner Sunday night, and the girls barely made it through dinner they were so tired. Somehow they managed to stay up for the 8 o'clock storytime again. This time, the crowd was much younger.

Monday morning we hung around the room and went to the Wolf Walk activity at 9:15. They played I Spy with the animals and made an origami wolf. Then we hit the waterpark and stayed until noon since we had a late checkout. We had a snack, visited the Cub Club once again, and headed out by 2pm.

The girls liked almost everything and are really unable to name anything that was particularly their favorite. The wave pool, playing basketball in the water, and walking on the floating lilypads were all favorites.

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