Sunday, March 13, 2011

Busy weekend - no pictures.

Lots going on this weekend. The girls vetoed my plans of yoga storytime and St. Pats parade in favor of plaing in the backyard. Saturday we had a visit from Grandma and Poppy along with a neighborhood party in the evening. Madeleine enjoyed the live music while Lily ran around with the other kids. After helping Mr. Eli open his gifts, they ended up not going to bed until after 9pm.

I made sure they were up by 8 this morning so that we wouldn't get too off with the time change. They both were yawning and tired all morning. Lily ventured out to Target with me and had her first changing room experience. After I tried on my dresses, she insisted she get to try on some too. Luckily the lady working the room who had been short with me earlier decided to be super-nice when we went back with stuff for Lily.

Sunday afternoon we used the new bike rack for the car and took the girls' bikes out to the Walnut St. park. They did some climbing and rode 4 laps around. They've gotten much better at stopping the bikes. However if they get distracted they do run into things.

We left after an hour because Lily was so overheated. So when we got home they put on bathing suits and "washed" the cars in the driveway. Once everyone was a normal color again, we ventured to the grocery store. I tried to keep them busy because I didn't want them falling asleep.

It's almost 8 pm now, and they're totally bouncing off the walls in there (usually asleep by 8). Can't wait for tomorrow morning.

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